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Women in Cannabis A Global Perspective

March 28 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Women in Cannabis

The Women in Cannabis event features an international panel of women – patients, activists, mothers, clinicians and scientists.

On Monday 28th March at 7pm GMT (8PM CET) PLEA with the IACM Patients Council will host an inspiring webinar marking Women’s History Month. Entitled ‘Women in Cannabis,’ the free event features an international panel of women patients, activists, mothers, clinicians and scientists.

Expect some frank discussions on where the cannabis space currently falls short for women, as well as a celebration of the tremendous achievements made by our international band of cannabis sisters.

Moderated by British cannabis author and podcasted, Mary Tiles, the panel will discuss the panellists’ own experiences of navigating their countries’ political processes and regulatory challenges, the personal sacrifices made and risks taken by the patient/parent activists who work as volunteers, the experiences of being a woman in the cannabis industry including any barriers to entry, gender inequalities or even misogyny, and finally what unique qualities do women bring to this industry and how we can encourage more to join.



Vera Twomey is an Irish medical cannabis advocate. Vera’s journey to get prescribed access to medical cannabis for her daughter Ava, whose diagnosis with Dravet Syndrome a severe intractable form of epilepsy resistant to all pharmaceutical forms of treatment led to Vera’s journey to get legal access to cannabis and subsequently brought about the creation of Irelands cannabis access programme. Her work contributed dramatically to the education of the wider public surrounding medical cannabis.

Vera has spoken widely about access including the European Parliament, The Irish Parliament, and The British Parliament with widespread print media television and social media activity contributing to the successful outcome

Vera is also author of ‘For Ava: an incurable illness, a reluctant activist, an ongoing campaign available on


Sophie started her nursing career working as an A&E Nurse at The Royal Sussex County Hospital. She then worked on the Acute Admissions Ward at St Thomas’s Hospital before moving to Kings College Hospital to be a CCU nurse.

Because of personal experience living with her partner, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2010, Sophie has worked with Cannabis-patient advocacy organizations planning and delivering campaigns and community events and taking delegations of patients to give testimony at parliament

Because of this combination of clinical skills and specialist knowledge, Sophie worked as Lead clinic nurse at Integro Clinics, a clinic dedicated to supporting patients using prescribed cannabis-based medicines in the UK.

Sophie now works as Clinical Trial Manager for LVL Health, running the first Clinical Trial, examining the efficacy of cannabis flowers on chronic pain in the UK.


Jacqueline Poitras is the founder of ‘MAMAKA- Mothers for Cannabis’, an association for medical cannabis patients where she advice and gives support to patients daily.

She is the mother of a young woman with Aicardi Syndrome and had been an advocate in the disability movement in Greece for much of her daughter’s life before discovering the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in 2013.

She has played a leading role in cannabis policy changes in Greece and has repeatedly met with members of the Ministry of Health and the Greek government in her efforts to promote free access to cannabis for patients all over Greece. She has spoken at many events worldwide, including the European Parliament, and currently is the Vice-President of Medicinal Cannabis Europe.


Carola is the director of the Dos Emociones project and of the Spanish Observatorio Español de Cannabis Medicinal (OECM), two distinct organizations working in the field of dissemination of current scientific knowledge about Cannabis.

Carola is a team leader of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine – Patient Coalition and has a valuable perspective both as a patient and as an advocate of medicinal cannabis access within the IACM Patient Coalition found at (


PhD in Social Anthropology from the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH). Co-Founder and director of the Civil Association CANNATIVA A.C (Association of multidisciplinary studies of medicinal plants and entheogens. Researcher, activist, feminist, educator, workshop and international lecturer. Writer and producer of multimedia content.

Part of the motor group of the Latin America Network of Cannabis Women (RELAMUCA) and the Cannabis Documentary. With more than a decade of conducting research on cannabis communities in Latin America and decolonial feminisms. She has participated as a workshop, lecturer in forums, events and seminars in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, USA, Uruguay and Mexico.

Editor, writer and content producer of the Transmedia platform CANNATIVA AC. Collaborator of the cannabis culture magazines: Hemp and Haze. Co-founder of the Latin America Network of Cannabis Women (RELAMUCA) and part of the driving group of the documentary Cannabis, Jury of cannabis cups (Mexico, Colombia).


Viola started working as a neuropharmacologist within the cannabis field in 2012, investigating novel cannabinoid receptors at the Ninewells Hospital, NHS, (Scotland). Since 2017 she is a lecturer on endocannabinology and medical cannabis and researcher at the Department of Neuroscience, University of Padua (Italy). In 2018 she co-founded Cannabiscienza Srl, a science company dedicated to educate Italy’s next generation of medical cannabis leaders. In 2022 Viola co-founded Cannabiscientia SA (Switzerland) to extend this mission worldwide.



Mary Biles is author of ‘The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil’, regular contributing writer for Californian educational nonprofit Project CBD, and host of the podcast Cannabis Voices. She is a trusted voice in the industry both in Europe and around the globe.

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