Lyphe Group launches new medical cannabis clinic in Guernsey 

The organisation is aiming to support the expanding patient community with the clinic’s opening.



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The Medical Cannabis Clinics has partnered with St Martin’s Grand Rue Pharmacy to open the clinic for new and existing patients. 

The opening of the clinic in St Martin will reduce medical cannabis prescription costs for patients as the medicine will no longer need to be imported from the UK.

The Medical Cannabis Clinics had been previously providing islanders access to the medicine through their clinics in the UK, however, this will be the first time they have offered their services from a locally-based centre.

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The partnership with St Martin’s Grand Rue Pharmacy will provide face-to-face consultations with Dr Scott Mitchell. 

Dr Scott Mitchell commented: “Cannabis-based medicines have a huge potential to help patients with a vast range of illnesses and symptoms. 

“Although it remains unlicensed, it has a good safety profile and can be a useful alternative when conventional therapies have been ineffective. 

“Having a clinic here on the island means that we can provide the best quality of care, seeing patients face to face for their consultations.”

Since earlier this year, patients had been paying £25 to import their prescriptions of medical cannabis from the UK. This new clinic means islanders will be able to access their prescriptions more easily and faster from an island-based pharmacy. 

It’s also hoped this new clinic will improve access for patients and help those who are currently without a prescription but would benefit from the medicine.

Head of Operations at Lyphe Group, Sophie Gamwell, said: “This is an important step in ensuring the expanding patient community in Guernsey receives the highest level of care and most cost-effective appointments on the island. 

“Crucially, this new  partnership means patients are able to receive their medication quicker and have their medication dispensed directly from St Martin’s Rue Pharmacy.”

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