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Phytocannabinoid company MGC Pharma initiates study for long-COVID

MGC Pharma is assessing ArtemiC Support.



Phytocannabinoid company MGC Pharma initiates study for long-COVID

MGC Pharmaceuticals has begun a pilot study assessing the influence of ArtemiC Support on patients with long-COVID Syndrome.

ArtemiC Support is the second product in MGC Pharma’s ArtemiC product range to progress to the clinical trial phase to determine their safety and efficacy against COVID-19 related diseases.

In 2020 MGC Pharma undertook a Phase II clinical trial for ArtemiC – which contains frankincense, curcumin and vitamin C – to determine its safety and efficacy in patients diagnosed with moderate COVID-19, and to evaluate their recovery rates. The study  showed positive results – including faster clinical improvement and the ability to reduce symptoms and pain associated with COVID-19.

The initial ArtemiC Support pilot study is being carried out with partners Swiss PharmaCan AG and Glow LifeTech Ltd following Ethics Committee approval from Spanish research foundation, IDIAP Jordi Gol, on 9 December 2021.

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MGC Pharma co-founder and managing director, Roby Zomer, commented: “This study is a crucial first step in determining whether ArtemiC Support helps long-COVID sufferers by treating what is often are very debilitating conditions.

“Working with our partners Swiss PharmaCan and Glow LifeTech, we are hopeful that this study will demonstrate that ArtemiC Support is as successful at helping patients with Long COVID, as the Phase II study undertaken in 2020 indicated that ArtemiC was in treating patients with moderate COVID-19. 

“We look forward to publishing the results as soon as practicable, and hopefully extending the use of ArtemiC Support to a new group of patients.”

The study will be enrolling 150 patients suffering from post-acute COVID syndrome, with 50 already enrolled, and is expected to be completed by February 2022. 

Under the parameters of the trial, patient participants will take ArtemiC Support for six weeks under supervision of their doctor, with their progress measured against a post-COVID Functional Scale (PCFS), and a 10-point Likert scale, one, two, three and six weeks after treatment commences. 

The symptoms measured include: shortness of breath; abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy; loss of senses of smell; loss of sense of taste; cough; headache; and, mental confusion.

The study aims to initially obtain partial results on the effectiveness and safety in improving the functional status and symptomatology in patients suffering from the condition, and a further randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study is expected to follow for full information on efficacy and safety.

Swiss PharmaCan’s responsible person for this study, Dr Dieter Russman, commented: “In October 2021 Swiss PharmaCan gave the green light for a clinical study on the influence of ArtemiC Support in patients with Long COVID. 

“I’m expecting highly valuable results on the safety and efficacy of ArtemiC Support, based on its breakthrough MyCell technology, and the potential benefit for millions of people suffering from long-COVID, who to date, have had limited therapeutic options available to them.”


AMP exclusive enters cannabis extract distribution agreement in Germany

The three-year agreement will see AMP become the exclusive distribution partner for Australia-based Little Green Pharma. 



AMP exclusive enters cannabis extract distribution agreement in Germany

AMP Alternative Medical Products  (AMP) and Little Green Pharma (LGP) have entered into the partnership for the distribution of full-plant cannabis extract oils in Germany.

The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenrise Global Brands, has been appointed as marketer and distributor of LGP medical cannabis extracts to pharmacies and clinics in Germany. 

This will include LGP’s 20:5 LGP Classic and 10:10 LGP Classic extract oils in 30 and 50 milliliter sizes.

The news follows AMP’s announcement earlier this week that the company entered into a marketing and distribution agreement for the sale of Dronabinol in pharmacies with Eurox Pharma in the country.

Managing director of Little Green Pharma, Fleta Solomon, commented: “We set the strategic objective to be one of the leading medical cannabis extract producers and distributors in Europe, which means being a leader in Germany, the largest medical cannabis market in the world. 

“Our partnership with Greenrise Global’s daughter company, AMP Alternative Medical Products GmbH, puts us on course to that path.”

Dr Stefan Feuerstein, president and director of Greenrise Global and managing director of AMP, commented: ”We are seeing the industry mature with the growth of pharmaceutical cannabis products over flowers and are excited about adding LGP medical cannabis extracts to our portfolio.”

LGP was among the first medical cannabis companies to produce and export medical cannabis oils to Germany.

The company is also the primary medical cannabis extract oil supplier in France’s two-year medical cannabis trials being conducted by the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products.

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AMP Alternative Medical Products begins Dronabinol sales in Germany

The company is a medical cannabis subsidiary of Greenrise Global Brands.



AMP Alternative Medical Products begins Dronabinol sales in Germany
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AMP Alternative Medical Products (AMP) and Eurox Pharma have begun the sales of Dronabinol produced in Germany by Eurox.

Greenrise Global subsidiary, AMP and Eurox, a SEED Innovations Limited portfolio company and one of Europe’s leading medical cannabis companies, entered into a non-exclusive marketing and distribution agreement for Dronabinol for sale in pharmacies to begin in February 2022. 

In preparation for sales, AMP has trained its national sales team on the benefits of Dronabinol – a pure THC product primarily used in pain therapy – for patients to doctors and preparation methods for pharmacists.

Chairman of Eurox, Neil Smith, commented: “If you’re a believer in the ‘Made in Germany’, then that means Eurox. 

“AMP’s focus on serving German patients and its national sales coverage make them a perfect partner for us.”

Eurox was one of the first medical cannabis companies to produce Dronabinol made in Germany at one of Europe’s largest GMP facilities located in Hessen, Germany.

The company controls the entire supply chain from cultivation, production to distribution ensuring a stable and efficient supply to its customers.

AMP is based in Erfurt and supplies medical cannabis products to pharmacies across Germany, including medical cannabis brands from Aphria, Bedrocan, Little Green Pharma and AMP’s branded line of products.

Eurox began the white label sale of its dronabinol products to a number of select customers in November 2021. Eurox selected Materia Deutschland, a wholly-owned subsidiary of European medical cannabis and CBD wellness products Materia, as as a distribution partner for its medical cannabis extracts.

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Agreement aims to approve first cannabis vaporiser for European patients

A collaboration will see studies undertaken to prove the efficacy and safety of the device.



Agreement aims to approve first cannabis vaporiser for European patients

German-based Eurox Group has entered into an exclusive agreement with the US multi-state Orchid Ventures.

Under the agreement, Eurox, PurTec and JWEI, the company’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier and partner, will submit one of PurTec’s premium disposable vaporiser devices to authorities in Germany for Medical Device Approval. 

The agreement is PurTec’s first European project.

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Founder, CEO and chairman of Orchid, Corey Mangold, commented: “After months of planning and strategising, we are pleased to announce our partnership with such an established group in Eurox.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Eurox and to be submitting one of our most stringently tested vaping products for Medical Device Approval with German health authorities. 

“Once the product is accepted, this will be a huge step forward in our ability to deliver one of the first vaping products to patients and consumers in Germany along with several other European countries. 

“We are confident that with the combined experience and expertise of Eurox and JWEI, we will succeed in getting approval and be among one of the first vaporiser products in-market and available to consumers throughout the EU.”

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The companies will be working on several requirements and safety studies to prove the efficacy and safety of the device, and have already begun securing various certifications to speed up the approval process. 

If and when approval is given for the device Eurox will have exclusivity regarding sales and distribution of the PurTec product in the European Union, United Kingdom and Brazil.

Co-CEO of Eurox, Dr Bernhard Babel, commented: “We are excited about this partnership. 

“We believe that PurTec and JEWI will be valuable, long-term partners that can help us expand access to relevant and exciting new products that will compliment our portfolio and advance our growth trajectory. 

“Our objective is to deliver with liquid vaping a controlled and consistent therapy form to patients with need for inhaling in Europe and beyond.”

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