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For the Ageless founder on how he got his start in the CBD industry

Daniel Perez Vidal shares how his father’s cancer battle helped to spark an interest in cannabis healthcare



Daniel Perez Vidal

Daniel Perez Vidal shares how his background in investigative journalism and his father’s health battle with cancer gave him a start in the CBD industry.

Daniel Perez Vidal began his career as an investigative journalist, before moving into research at a university. He believes that his background gave him the perfect mindset for entering the CBD industry.

As an investigative journalist, he was used to researching stories and searching to discover the truth. This was a great skill to have when it came to learning about cannabinoids.

“As a journalist, you learn so much about people,” said Daniel.

Later on, when I was teaching at university, I often felt academic research relied too heavily on existing knowledge. With journalism, you have a critical mind and don’t take things at face value. Sometimes in academia, that is forgotten and students appreciate the skill and are quick to learn.”

He added: “As an investigative journalist, we created the most incredible stories. It teaches you that you need to be faithful to the facts and present them as they are. People need to be able to make their own choices, but you can sleep better when you know you have presented something as objectively as possible.”

From journalist to health researcher

When Daniel’s father became ill with cancer in 2008, he started to research alternative therapies, including cannabinoids. This led to eight years of wellness and health research which culminated in the educational website, For the Ageless. The site offers a range of information on everything from taking CBD to building a tolerance and how to make your own edibles.

Daniel began by examining areas of his father’s life from diet to sleep or exercise. He wanted to find possibilities that could empower him to make positive changes.

“My father was given an impossible prognosis where there wasn’t much hope. As I was working at a university, I decided to do more research into how I could help him,” Daniel explained.

“That investigative journalism drive started again and I began to look into lifestyle changes he could make.”

He added: “It was really hard with a parent because of the emotional attachment. I had to step back and allow him to make choices. I was truly stressed, not just by the illness but the internal conflict of wanting to share so much and the whole emotional rollercoaster.”

Daniel’s drive to share information led to the creation of  For the Ageless. As time moved on, it developed into an online shop where customers could find CBD products and other wellness items.

“One night in the hospital, I thought if everything he is doing works out then I promise I will put this on a website,” he said.

“It started as an informational resource then became a store as it is now. Cannabis was a way of opening up a new path for someone who was in trouble. It allowed him to make new choices and find a way out on his own.”

Health battles and family support

It wasn’t just Daniel’s father who went through the changes but the entire family too. They saw it as not just a way to support him but also to join him in his journey.

“Diet was an absolute life change and I insisted that we all, as a family, go through that change as a way to be with him,” said Daniel.

“We all tried cannabis too. It was a rollercoaster which was difficult to monitor as we were just learning but we were certain this is when he felt better in his body and his mind.

“There was a spiritual shift at some point. One of the most powerful things about your health is to ask yourself the right questions and make changes. Once he did that, everything seemed to go right. Whenever he found an answer, he made a step forward like he was undoing a mess or detangling variables.”

Consuming cannabis also allowed Daniel’s father to open his mind and relieve some of the memories he had experienced as a younger man. He initially found cannabis an intense experience, although soon began to look forward to the peaceful mindset it gave him. He also became more affectionate and wanted to share things with the family.

Daniel also became interested in the organic movement. He began to research where it came from and what effect it could have on public health.

“A lot of research was being done in the UK proving that organic was the way to protect someone when they have a chronic disease. The last thing they need is more toxins in their system. Cannabis is a bio-accumulator which reflects the air, fertiliser or pesticides used where it is grown.”

Daniel started working with a small grower in the Czech Republic called Biopurus who specialised in organic oils. It was one of the first brands that he worked with before working with Biobloom in Austria. He was drawn to the family business and the handmade style of the products.

“Biobloom are extreme in that they don’t even allow machines to go into their fields. Everything is done by hand and made in a riverbed between Austria and Hungary. It’s a family tradition for them and they are extraordinary as they have been triple organic certification. They even have the biodynamic association stamp from the UK which is really hard to get.”

For the Ageless and medicinal mushrooms

The website has also been one of the first organic and CBD stores to focus on medicinal mushrooms. The site sells a combination of lion’s mane, reishi and cordyceps as capsules. Medicinal mushrooms in combination with CBD is poised to be one of the biggest wellness trends for 2022.

“As they are fermented, those little capsules have more than 100 microbes in each yet they look so simple,” he said.

“They have a lot more power than the two teaspoons of regular mushroom powder.”

But Daniel is concerned about the threat that is facing the CBD industry. He worries that our choices may be restricted by changing regulations unless consumers become advocates for the products. He believes that CBD and cannabis are just part of the pathways that patients can use to get their own health back on track.

“The threat that CBD is undergoing right now means that we may end up with the possibility of there being no more full-spectrum products. It could mean the worst possibility of only synthetic cannabinoids or isolates being allowed. CBD could lose its main purpose if we sell something synthetic,” he said.

“I’m happy to advocate for full spectrum and organic. If that door closes then we are ready for it, although I pray that won’t happen. We want to keep developing the educational side of things so that people can figure out their own health paths. People need more research, more tools and information.”


Cellular Goods makes changes to board, welcoming author as NED

The company is welcoming new non-executive directors (NED) to the board.



Cellular Goods makes changes to board, welcoming author as NED
Home » Leadership » For the Ageless founder on how he got his start in the CBD industry

UK-based Cellular Goods has appointed author Gill Whitty-Collins and marketing executive Misha Sher as NEDs.

The pair have been appointed as NEDs in a shake up of the company’s board. Whitty-Collins succeeds David Gardner, who is leaving due to time commitments at his other business interests, and Sher succeeds Ross Connolly.

NED Darcy Taylor will also assume the role of non-executive chairman, succeeding Peter Wall. Wall is stepping down as chairman in order to devote more time to his existing executive roles and increased commitments but will remain a NED of the Company.

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Non-executive chairman of Cellular Goods, Darcy Taylor, commented: “I’m delighted to accept the baton from Peter as Cellular Goods embarks on the next phase of its development. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank David and Ross for their contributions and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

“I would also like to welcome Gill and Misha. They have an impressive track record, and their counsel will enhance the Board’s strategic oversight of the Company. The Board looks forward to working closely with the senior executive team under our chief executive, Anna Chokina, to drive the Company’s growth and deliver long term value for shareholders.”

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Whitty-Collins joined Cellular Goods as a leader in business, brand-building, equality and diversity with more than 25 years’ senior leadership experience at Procter & Gamble (P&G), where she led global brands such as Olay, Always and Pantene, latterly as Senior Vice President for the beauty care business for Europe, India, Middle East & Africa. 

She is also the author of ‘Why Men Win at Work… and how we can make inequality history’ with extensive experience and knowledge of the gender inequality issue and how to address it.

Sher is a senior marketing executive with over two decades of experience working with leading brands, rights holders and talent. Mr Sher spearheaded the growth of an award-winning sports, entertainment and culture business unit at MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media and communications agencies.  

He has worked with some of the world’s largest brands including eBay, Uber, Coca-Cola, P&G, American Airlines, Apple and Toyota on investment in leading cultural properties. He currently serves as NED at the European Sponsorship Association.

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Former Clinton administration advisor joins cannabis board

FoliuMed has announced a new appointment to its advisory board.



Former Clinton administration advisor joins cannabis board
Home » Leadership » For the Ageless founder on how he got his start in the CBD industry

FoliuMed has announced the appointment of former advisor to the Clinton administration Howard Glicken to its advisory board.

Glicken will be Brigit a waltz of experience to the FoliuMed advisory board. Having served as a private sector advisor to the Clinton administration on Latin American affairs, Glicken was also the President´s private sector delegate to the Inaugurations of Presidents of Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador. 

Additionally, he testified before the US Congress on the Free Trade Area of the Americas and is a member of the US/Brazil Business Development Council.

In his role at FoliuMed, Glicken will expand institutional and business relationships in the Americas.

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Glicken commented: “What impresses me most about FoliuMed is its leadership team led by founder Oliver Zugel.

“Since 2018 it has built the company with its own capital and is selling innovative products in eight countries. By sourcing cannabis ingredients from its farm in Colombia, it offers German pharma-quality at affordable prices.”

Oliver Zugel, founder of FoliuMed, a medical cannabis company with manufacturing and R&D in Germany and cultivation in South America, commented: “We are honoured to be able to count on Howard’s advice and mentorship, including his views on the upcoming German adult-use regulations.

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“His over 40 years of experience in business and politics and background as a successful entrepreneur make him a valued member of our advisory board.”

Former Clinton administration advisor joins cannabis board

Oliver Zugel

During his political career, Glicken also has been national vice chairman of finance of the Democratic Party, a member of the national finance board of directors and a managing trustee of the party. 

He also was state finance chair for Al Gore for President 1988, state finance chair for Senator Bob Kerrey for President in 1992, state co-finance chair for President Clinton and a trustee of the Vice President’s Residence Foundation.

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Former GSK director joins cannabis company

Bill Purves has joined Brains Bioceutical as chief commercial officer.



Former GSK director joins cannabis company
Home » Leadership » For the Ageless founder on how he got his start in the CBD industry

Former GlaxoSmithKline executive director, Bill Purves, has joined global manufacturer of naturally-sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients, Brains Bioceutical, as its chief commercial officer.

Bill Purves will now be at the forefront of a new frontier in the research and development of cannabinoids for health and wellness sectors, says Brains Bioceutical.

Purves will be responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing operations, and the company says he will diversify its product offerings while playing a pivotal role in the evolution of cannabinoid science.

“After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, combined with time spent working in the cannabis industry, I have the utmost confidence in what we’re doing at Brains Bioceutical,” commented Purves. 

“I’m excited to see the potential of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals come to life and the positive impacts this will have in pharmacological advancements. 

“We are looking at the future of disease treatment and prevention here at Brains Bioceutical.”

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Ricky Brar, CEO of Brains Bioceutical, commented: “Brains is in a unique position to rapidly capitalise on our industry-leading Cannabinoids API via the pharmaceutical industry, and now with Novel Foods Validation in both the EU and UK, Brains will emerge as the industry leader in nutraceuticals.

“Bill Purves, in his role as chief commercial officer of Brains Bio, is ideally positioned to lead these categories, within an emerging global leader.

“His experience will be an asset as we continue to innovate and lead in the cannabinoid space.”

With experience in the pharmaceutical and phytocannabinoid industries, Purves will lead Brains Bio’s business development strategy, explore new revenue streams and solidify relationships with existing and prospective customers. 

Starting his pharmaceutical career with GlaxoSmithKline in 1994 as senior financial analyst, he then moved into the role of chief financial officer of the company’s business operations in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Five years later, Purves was promoted to executive director of GlaxoSmithKline’s international business development, providing strategic planning and market development support across the company’s international business unit.

In 2007, where Purves was responsible for establishing the Iroko Pharmaceuticals’ global sales and distribution networks for branded generic and specialty prescription products. He later co-founded and acted as managing member of Windhoek Healthcare, a US-based healthcare investment firm, which launched three specialty pharmaceutical companies. 

Purves entered the medical cannabis space in 2018 when he was hired by Jacana, a Jamaican medical cannabis company, as its CCO and CFO, where he helped transform the startup into a fully, vertically integrated medical cannabis company with business arms that included research and development, cultivation, production and extraction.

Former GSK director joins cannabis company

Bill Purves, CCO, Brains Bioceutical

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